Great companies have great stories to tell. We have had the privilege of working for a lot of different clients over the years. At times, circumstances call for extraordinary actions. The E&L team delivers—it’s the E&L Way. Here are just a few of the highlights over the years:

War Stories

ACM Abatement

The task before us was simple- we were to abate whatever loose asbestos caulking from the monitor windows high above the plant floor we could find. Next, encapsulate all of the glass and remaining caulk to prevent it from falling out as the presses hammered out the steel shapes of the automakers new models, big and small. The location of the work was the first challenge to tackle- our solution was a composite mix of aluminum picks, scissor and boom lifts (both big and small), scaffolding and horizontal life lines with certified anchorage points strung throughout the plant like spider webs.


The second obstacle was compounded by the first problem. Given the degree of difficulty from the poor access when coupled with the crumbling ACM caulking that was sprinkled & scattered on the tops of the bus ducts, overhead piping, crane rails, etc. we had to engineer a system of visqueen ‘hammocks’ to capture all of the tiny pieces that would inevitably fall as we proceeded with the abatement. As the process ended the visqueen came down we had finished the original scope of work in 4 weeks (two weeks ahead of schedule) including two additional areas without incident and $210,000 under our original budget.

Railroad Crossing

Emergency Railroad Crossing #1 Repairs

E&L received a phone call at 2:30PM informing us that the rail at the #1 Railroad Crossing had sheared off. This crossing is essential and needed to be usable by 6:00am the following morning. While on our way to investigate this emergency, we mobilized our superintendent, crew, excavating equipment and a rail specialist. We proceeded to remove the existing rail section and replace it with rail removed from an abandoned section. This crossing was available by 6:00am the following morning as required, even considering the freezing temperatures, inclement conditions, and short notice.

SCV X Emergency Repairs – SPO

We received a call from an engineer of an industrial client, regarding an emergency repair needed for the SCV-X. There was a leak and it had to be resolved immediately. We contacted our folks to mobilize for the upcoming excavation, contacted the fire protection folks and our superintendent. The leak was located in a trafficked area and we had to provide traffic control as we worked. The leak was located and the damage mitigated. We installed a temporary road so traffic could still continue and the road was eventually repaired using the standard SCPA-SA process.

Snow Blower

Roof Collapse

 A large section of roof had collapsed at the plant and our immediate emergency response team (IERT) responded. There were issues surrounding security, fire prevention, and safety all involved. We made it to the plant in the middle of an 18 inch snowstorm, shored up the roofing, isolated the fire protection and all other utilities, did a temporary repair to the facility and even removed snow from other areas that were in danger of collapsing. The project was extremely high profile and received coverage by the local television and print media. We performed quickly and made a major event a “non” event by exercising our IERT and resolved the numerous issues we encountered.

AD Prime Booth High Volume Blowoff & ELPO Incline

We were charged with designing and fabricating and installing a aluminized drip pan system for the ELPO Incline. Part of the job entailed us building a scaffolding system at 20 feet in the air. We came up with a solution to build a series of wooden platforms, stepped up through the conveyor system to allow access at elevation. We finished the job, did it in a safer manner AND we saved our customer approximately $15,000.00.

Green Mile

A major plant needed to create a high profile entrance for marketing purposes. The entrance was to be “world class’ and would receive scrutiny from the Vice President level at a major United States auto manufacturer. The project was a short notice one that involved a design build approach. The client wanted the job done in a 1 ½ week timeframe. We leveraged our reputation with our subcontractor (laminate shops) and got them to break into their schedule to get our product produced and shipped on an overnight basis. We worked around the clock and finished the job on time although we estimated it would take 4-5 weeks without working round the clock.

GM Exterior