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Karagondi Pump Station

Brown City, MI

500,000 182,700
Square Feet:

Karagondi Pump Station

This is the middle pump station to move water from Lake Huron to Flint MI. The piping leading to and from the pump station were 6’ in diameter.

This undertaking was critical for reducing the cost of water and increasing the water quality to those served by the Karagondi Water System. The site was a farmer’s corn field and would soon house a pump station that would pump water 74 miles to a processing station before being sent to the customers.  The pump station acts as a booster between the lake and the processing station.  The project consisted of maintenance facilities, administrative office, garage, electrical substation, pump facility with pumps 20 feet below the surface, and concrete storage tanks holding over 700 million gallons of water.

Project Facts

500,000 sf
Project Type
Industrial, Public
E & L Role
General Contractor
20 Months

Project Team

Executive Project Director
Mike Carlyon
Project Manager
Mike Carlyon
Ryan Coy
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