In Memorium

We have been truly blessed with great talent in the E&L Construction Group, Inc. over the years.  We have never had an incident on a job site that led to a death, but sadly, we have had a few employees whose time on earth was up all too soon. Never forgotten, they are still with us: we know they are working the big projects “The E&L Way” up in heaven. 

“Thanks for all you have done. You are still missed”

  • IRV THAYER – VP of Field Operations
    • Hey Pardner!
    • Irv was the heart and soul of E&L; Mr. E&L
    • One of the greatest field engineers in the state of MI.
  • MIKE QUISENBERRY – Superintendent
    • Mike’s hearty laugh could shake a house off its foundation. We can still hear it.
  • JOHN RUWART – Director, Industrial Construction
    • Father of the PDPM program. 
    • Calm, cool, caring.  Simply a class act.
  • JOHN WOJOHOWICZ – Equipment Operator
    • “Wojo” – Never met a piece of equipment he didn’t like and couldn’t operate.
  • DAVE CARSTEN – Superintendent
    • Known as the Tornado of Drywall and Studs. There wasn’t a blueprint he couldn’t read.
    • As nice and caring a person as you would ever meet.
Irv Thayer
Virginia Elliott