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Paint Systems

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Paint Systems

E&L employs one of the top paint engineers in the country

E&L Paint Systems has worked for nearly every automaker. Clients include General Motors, Toyota, Tesla, Volkswagon, Honda, Nissan, Ford, and Hyundai. Well versed in the different systems, E&L’s Paint Systems has travelled nation-wide to evaluate current paint operations in various automakers plants and developed “get well” plans. The plans are implemented on future trips once funding is secured. One automaker requested E&L Paint Systems Division evaluate their system. This plant had never met the corporate film metric. E&L studied the system, proposed changes and then implemented them. The corporate paint leadership celebrated the success in communications to their plants. This resulted in requests from other plants for assistance. E&L’s experience can make a difference for your paint system whether it is a smaller project or large.

Project Facts

240,000 sf
Project Type
E & L Role
Engineering, Construction

Project Team

Executive Project Director
Greg Krueger
Project Manager
Steve Thompson
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